Frequently Asked Questions


What age children can come to camp?

Age 6- 12 for junior camp and age 13+ for senior camp

What are the payment options?

Childcare vouchers, government voucher scheme or PayPal

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

We accept the new government Tax Free Childcare scheme as well as most of the old childcare voucher companies, contact your childcare company and use our passcode listed. If your childcare voucher company is not listed please get in touch as we can set ourselves up with that company

What hours does the camp run?

Easter Camp= 10am- 4pm

Summer Camp= 10am- 4pm also extended camp option 8am- 6pm


What do I need to bring?

  • Packed lunch in lunch box with ice block
  • Water bottle
  • Sun cream
  • Comfortable outdoors clothing
  • Entire change of clothing
  • Suitable footwear i.e. trainers
  • Wellington boots
  • Long sleeve top for archery
  • Prescribed medication if needed
  • Swimming kit on swimming days including swimming costume, towel, goggles (if needed), floatation aid (if needed)

What do I do on drop off?

When you arrive at Blackland Farm park in the carpark and head towards our large yellow SAC shelter. A member of staff will meet and greet you and your child. You will be required to check details such as your phone number, any medical issues and emergency contact. We will spend time settling in your child making sure they feel happy and secure. Once you are satisfied that we have correct contact details, you have received the camp managers contact card and happy your child is ok you can leave.

What happens if my child has difficulty settling in camp?

Allow extra time on first day to fill in paperwork and help with a member of staff settle your child/ren in. Our staff are experienced in dealing with these situations and extra time will be given to help them settle in. In our experience they are soon settled, making new friends and looking forward to all the adventures.

What happens at pick up?

Come to the registration point and you child will be ready to be picked up. You will be asked to sign your child/ren out. Check that your child/ren have all their belongings before you leave. If you would like feedback on their day please ask and the staff most involved in your child/ren will be happy to feedback information required.

What happens if I am going to be late to pick up?

We understand that circumstances occur where a late pick up is unavoidable. We ask that if you are going to be late to contact the camp manager with an expected time of arrival. If no contact is made, we are obliged to contact Children’s Services. A late pickup charge may also be incurred.


What if my child has a medical condition?

At the time of booking give us as much information as possible regarding the condition. We may require further information which we will ask for prior to camp. All staff will be informed confidentially and appropriate measures will be taken throughout their time at camp. If medication is needed, we need exact measurements and times and we will make a record of this that will be signed by yourself on pick up. Please note we can only administer medication prescribed by a qualified practitioner.

What if my child has an allergy?

At the time of booking give us as much information as possible regarding their allergies and allergic reaction. We will make sure that all staff are aware of the situation.  All our staff are first aid trained including the use of epi pens therefore in the unlikely event of an allergic reaction our staff will act accordingly.

What if my child is ill or has an accident at camp?

All our staff are first aid qualified. Fortunately, almost everything we deal with are grazes, small cuts and stings. For minor injuries we treat accordingly and will log the injury and treatment and will inform you on pick up and signed off. However, should a child suffer a more serious injury or fall ill you will be contacted immediately and the relevant first aid procedure will be carried out.

If your child has a fever, vomiting or diarrhoea we can not take them on camp until 48 hours after the last symptom.

Do I get to see the activities programme before booking?

The activity programme on the website are the activities that re booked for your child/ren to take part in. The order of activities and the day they take part on is subject to change due to adverse weather conditions for the safety and enjoyment of your children.

Does my child need any money at camp?

The tuck shop is often closed during the Easter holidays so no money is needed during Easter Camp. During Summer Camp children will be allowed to visit the tuck shop once during the week. The day will be chosen by staff and parents will be informed before this day. A maximum of £1 can be spent at the tuck shop on the chosen day.